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"You have turned my life around"

I am 87 years old, with a problem of the prostate gland. Before I met Dr. Baum, I went to the bathroom every 30-60 minutes. After Dr. Baum's treatment on my prostate, I go only 5 times per day and only 1 time at night! You turned my life around. I am so very grateful!

-Sidney Daigle

I want to thank you for your due diligence. You saved my life. I highly recommend you!

-Dwight Bastian

Thank you Dr. Baum! Because of you I'm back in the "rodeo"!

-Gerald Wallace


xperts including cardiologists, physiologists, oncologists, nutritionists, and psychologists all agree that exercise is one of the best tools you have for staying healthy!

Here are 10 reasons why it's important to exercise regularly:

  • You live longer. Studies have shown that regular exercise can extend your life by an average of two years.
  • Reduces the risk of heart attack. Experts say exercise can lower the chance of heart attack by more than 20 percent. It also lowers your cholesterol. And since your heart is a muscle, exercise will strengthen it and make it more efficient.
  • Reduces the risk of stroke. It's a fact that regular aerobic exercise can reduce blood pressure by 10 points on average.
  • Reduces the risk of cancer. More and more studies have found a relationship between exercise and low-fat diets with reducing a woman's risk of developing breast cancer. One study found that regular exercise can cut the risk of colon cancer in half.
  • Lowers stress. We all have stress, but people who exercise handle it better. Research has found exercise can reduce the ill effects of stress.
  • Increases energy. People who exercise feel better and have more energy during daily activities. They also sleep better.
  • Reduces weight and fat content. Many of us look for ways to slim down and stay that way, and exercise is the only way to keep off excess weight and fat. If you diet alone without exercise you have a 95 percent chance of gaining it all back. Exercise increases your muscle mass which allows you to burn more calories even at rest.
  • Increases bone density. Studies have found that women in their 60s who begin weight bearing exercises increase their bone density which helps them avoid osteoporosis.
  • Helps digestion.
  • Increases circulation. This not only helps your cardiovascular system, it can help your complexion as well.

Overall, exercise and being fit makes you feel and look better! So, now you see that we can't afford NOT to exercise.

Remember to see your doctor first before beginning an exercise program. If your doctor clears you to exercise regularly plan on spending 20 to 30 minutes a day, three to four days a week doing just moderate exercise like walking.

Have fun and stay fit!