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"You have turned my life around"

I am 87 years old, with a problem of the prostate gland. Before I met Dr. Baum, I went to the bathroom every 30-60 minutes. After Dr. Baum's treatment on my prostate, I go only 5 times per day and only 1 time at night! You turned my life around. I am so very grateful!

-Sidney Daigle

I want to thank you for your due diligence. You saved my life. I highly recommend you!

-Dwight Bastian

Thank you Dr. Baum! Because of you I'm back in the "rodeo"!

-Gerald Wallace



Posts for tag: pelvic organ prolapse

Throughout a lifetime, women's bodies undergo tremendous stress, including pregnancy, childbirth, strenuous exercise, and gynecologic surgeries. All of these stresses -- accumulated over the years -- can weaken the natural support structure of the pelvis, which can cause the pelvic organs to shift from their natural, intended position and/or to protrude into or outside of the vaginal canal. It's actually not an uncommon problem, and it can affect women of many ages and health circumstances.

Different types of organs protruding into the vaginal canal cause different types of prolapse. These include:

Bladder (Cystocele)Small bowel (Enterocele)

Rectum (Rectocele)

Vagina (Vaginal vault), which can happen after hysterectomies.

If you're experiencing any symptom of a weakened pelvic floor, chances are there's at least a little discomfort involved. Sometimes, the symptoms can be debilitating, affecting your ability to lead an active life -- or even to be sexually intimate.