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"You have turned my life around"

I am 87 years old, with a problem of the prostate gland. Before I met Dr. Baum, I went to the bathroom every 30-60 minutes. After Dr. Baum's treatment on my prostate, I go only 5 times per day and only 1 time at night! You turned my life around. I am so very grateful!

-Sidney Daigle

I want to thank you for your due diligence. You saved my life. I highly recommend you!

-Dwight Bastian

Thank you Dr. Baum! Because of you I'm back in the "rodeo"!

-Gerald Wallace


There has not been another Super Bowl that has impacted a city and a region like the effect of Super Bowl XLIV on New Orleans. I, like every citizen in the community, am reveling in the victory and the Super Bowl trophy that is coming to New Orleans.

Our city has undergone every conceivable trial and tribulation imaginable and the citizens never gave up on our wonderful city but have worked hard to help restore the city to its previous level of greatness. We have been tested with an angry Mother Nature and with leadership that has not helped to contribute to the rebuilding efforts. But the Saints are symbolic of what can be done with hard work, teamwork, and determination. The Saints have rallied our community to believe in ourselves. Our team has been down, and often considered out, but they have struggled back and overcame adversity, adjusted their game plan, and had a belief in themselves that they could prevail-just as our community has done for so many years.

Martin Luther King had a dream, and so do I: I have a dream that this city with all of its mixtures of peoples of different colors, black, white and Hispanic, different religions, Christian and Jews, and the diversity of cultures and backgrounds will come together and help rebuild this city to a city where we will be known for the Gumbo pot of our citizens, for our unique diversity, for our ability to celebrate when there is little to be joyful about, and for our resilient spirit as shown by our Saints who never gave up, who know the definition of hard work, and who know that the entire community is on their side. I dream that this city will once again be an attraction for my children and all the children who have gone elsewhere for education and jobs and that they will return and call New Orleans home. I dream that under the leadership of Mayor Mitch Landrieu, New Orleans will develop an education system that is the best in the nation, that the crime rate will come under control, and that the medical center will be rebuilt and will serve as a center of excellence. I dream that New Orleans will serve as a beacon of hope for our whole nation and serve as an example of what we can accomplish when we all hold hands, work together, and build a better city, a better state, and a better nation.

New Orleans for the past two weeks has been on the center stage and we showed the nation our greatness and our football team showed their resolve and true grit. We "finished strong!"